Broadcast Standards Conversion

The Alchemist uses unique Ph.C technology for motion measurement, allowing us to deliver the cleanest and most detailed conversions, free from artifacts and virtually indistinguishable from the original input. No matter what type of content.

  •  HD and SD standards conversion
  • Advanced format conversion (up, down & cross)
  • CleanCut™ technology
  • Simultaneous conversion to 2 different formats (same frame rate)
  • FilmTools for handling film and mixed cadence material
  • AES and embedded audio
  • DolbyE decoding, encoding and transcoding with support for external metadata
  • Extensive timecode control

The Teranex provides a set of tools for converting from any DTV format to any other with uncompromising quality. Teranex supports all standard and emerging video formats in a wide variety of line and frame rates.

  • Unique de-interlacing and frame rate conversion techniques preserve full resolution of the input image
  • Sophisticated film cadence detection modes find and fix broken 3:2 cadence for cleaner conversions
  • Flexibility to provide the highest quality up, down, side, cross and standards conversions
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