CBS Worldwide Distribution, is a premier video facility that caters to the broadcast industry. Using the infrastructure of CBS’ television network facilities, CBS Worldwide Distribution offers a variety of services to meet all domestic syndication and international distribution broadcast demands. We specialize in file based distribution, HD conversion, domestic syndication, international distribution, standards conversion, evaluation and DVD authoring.

Our staff of seasoned management, coordinators and technicians is proficient in:


  • Full syndicated program distribution featuring our Pitch Blue Digital solution
  • Digital encoding to all file types with worldwide distribution services via Signiant, Aspera, Smart Jog & FTP.
  • Full compliment of High Definition conversion with Dolby E 5.1 encoding capability
  • Digital TV format and standard (PAL/NTSC) conversions
  • Non-Linear Post Production and Editing
  • State of the Art Blue Ray DVD facility also with 5.1 audio
  • Multi-Media storage and International shipment from East & West Coast
  • Audio Post Production including layback, ISDN voiceover, restoration & enhancement
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