International Distribution

CWD is a premiere video distribution facility, specializing in supplying material to the international marketplace. File based international distribution, format conversion; high definition and standard definition duplication are routinely processed. No matter what standard your material is in today, we can bring your programming to broadcasters in the quality and standards they need to stay competitive in the international arena.

Video Encoding via:

  • Digital Rapids Stream Z
  • Harris Pipeline
  • Amberfin
  • Avid Mojo

We offer high definition video processing and conversion through:

  • Teranex Xantus (™)
  • Alchemist HD

All of our good work is of no good to you unless you can get your material to the broadcaster. We distribute worldwide via Signiant, Aspera, Smartjog and FTP.

CWD has one of the east coasts largest physical duplication and distribution facilities. We can service your needs for almost any format and standard. Our Shipping and Receiving area can assist you in packaging, preparing customs documents and arranging for International shipment.

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