Pitch Blue Distribution

CWD provides digital distribution via Pitch Blue.  This is a digital managed linear system which allows files to be distributed in HD and managed on a receiver box provided to the clients. Pitch Blue was designed specifically to meet the needs of television, media and entertainment clients. Use of this technology is revolutionizing how content providers and broadcasters are serviced. Using Pitch Blue, we can move your material at broadcast quality as digital files, directly to over 1400 TV broadcasters, in the US, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America.

The system offers:

• Bi-Coastal redundancy

• Simultaneous transmission to multiple broadcasters

• Full line of distribution services including ingest, coordination, integration and transmission

• MPEG 4 multiplexed satellite feeds

• Up-conversion of SD material to 4×3 HD

• No signal degradation (original quality of your source is maintained from ingest to reception)

• Confirmation of delivery to your chosen destination

CBS Worldwide Distribution has been a leader in syndication distribution since our inception. The considerable resources of bothNew York’s CBS Broadcast Center, as well as Television City in Los Angeles, allows for the delivery of products on either coast. The flexibility simplifies your master delivery, while maintaining the high standards you require. Wherever you have delivery challenges, we can offer you distribution solutions. Take advantage of our competitive pricing to meet your distribution budget.

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