Audio Post Production Services

In order to provide world class quality and value to our clients, the audio post production area of CBS Worldwide Distribution offers an extensive array of mixing, layback, restoration and duplication services featuring Avid ProTools (™). 

Among the services we provide are:

• Stereo and 5.1 mixing with layback to DA88, Digital Betacam, Beta SX, HDCAM and HD-SR.  DVD and AAF/OMF uploads are also available.

▪ SFX spotting and fill with our extensive library of stereo and 5.1 effects

▪ Audio conform to video of all professionally utilized digital and analog frame and sample rates

• Sound restoration, pitch correction, and repair of vintage audio from sources as diverse as 1” video, DA88, ¼” and ½” audiotape, and ¼” pilot tone sound rolls

• Dolby E encoding and decoding

• Voiceover recording in our acoustically superior sound room

▪ Remote voiceover recording via ISDN

• Uploading of files to and from servers via FTP

• Duplication and transfer from CD, DVD, audio cassette, DA88, ¼” and ½” audiotape, ¼” pilot tone sound rolls, micro-cassette, 1” video, Beta SP, D2, Digital Betacam, Beta SX, HDCAM, and HD-SR

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