Technical Evaluation Rooms

Our nine evaluation suites contain state of the art equipment to insure that the most in depth and high quality evaluation are being performed.

Whether it’s two channels of mono audio, or a combination of 16 channels of audio, it’s covered with one of our three “tiers” of audio/video evaluation.

Tier 1- The material is watched as the dub is made. General comments are supplied regarding the quality of the material. If there is an issue that would hinder airing the material, it is flagged.

Tier 2- The same as above, but also includes a detailed report of all audio and video levels.  A summary of the materials quality is also provided to the client detailing all issues

Tier 3- Includes everything in Tier one and Tier 2.  Tier 3 evaluations also include a detailed report of the material, including timecode points of all issues.  Titles, bumpers, commercial, credits, etc are all noted with frame accurate tc points.

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